What’s Behind My Name?
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Why Saudi Backpacker? So, to give you a bit of background and a HUGE clue as to why I've called my blog Saudi Backpacker; well I'm half British and yes, you guessed it, half Saudi Arabian. I'm lucky enough to be from two extremely different cultures and as a result have always had an interest in understanding cultures. Whilst travelling in South East Asia earlier this year, I sadly noticed the lack of Arab backpackers. You'll be surprised at how many people said that myself and my friend were the first Saudis they had ever met. It shocked me at how little people knew of my culture so it became a pretty hot topic along my travels. Backpacking is quite an unusual activity within the Arab culture which is probably why most Arabs usually save up all year so they can go on a luxury holiday. I'm incredibly lucky enough to have a Saudi father who is very liberal and encourages me to travel; a sense of freedom a lot of Saudi women would only ever dream of. I hope my stories will encourage women (and men) to pack a bag and set off to explore the world. It's a lot less scary than you think! What about the Camel? Not only is the single-humped camel a beautiful symbol of Arabia, but camels are also the essence of long-distance travel as they can endure days in scorching hot deserts while carrying heavy cargo. They represent strength, endurance and protection and serve as a reminder to pace ourselves, and be mindful of our own energy levels. To me, a camel sums up the backpacking experience so poetically.