About the Blog and I

Hi, I’m Hannah, a half-Saudi half-English girl on a mission to travel and explore this huge world of ours! Find out all about the blog…

A bit about me

I guess it’s always been in my blood to be a nomad. After all, my Saudi ancestors were Bedouins (desert dwellers).

I’ve lived in many different places in my life; born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia, brought up in Bahrain and educated back in England. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people from all parts of the world, exposing me to a wide variety of languages, cultures and religions from a young age. You could say I grew up pretty open-minded.

About the blog Hannah Dossary Saudi Backpacker

My parents, who are Saudi and English, were always big believers that travel is the best education you can get so we’ve been on plenty of holidays throughout my life. I like to think I’ve picked up a unique ability to identify where someone is from almost instantly because of this.

One thing travel is great for is expanding your understanding and breaking down expectations.

We’ve all had some expectations of what a country may look like, how its people may act and, overall, how our experiences may be during our stay. All this before we’ve even visited the country.

…and when you’re a single girl from Saudi, you can get some unusual questions on the road: “Did you live in a tent and ride a camel? How do you know English so well?” Funnily these questions came from people who had never even met a Saudi.

This is why I realised I wanted to start a blog…

About the blog

Through cultural understanding, I want to break down stereotypes and prove that the world is far too complex to be putting labels on people and places.

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I want to share my stories from my travels whilst I continually learn, so that my readers will leave with a bit more insight into a culture. I want to encourage discussions about cultures, to open minds so that you don’t let your negative expectations of a country stop you from visiting it or engaging with people.

The world is a scary place, but only to those who don’t choose to learn.

So, if you love venturing away from the hustle and bustle of tourist areas, eating local food from cafes where you have no clue what’s on the menu and meeting local people whilst learning about their lives — then this is the travel blog for you!

To represent my ongoing nomadic journey, I have a tattoo on my inner right arm. Can you guess what it is? Comment below with your guess. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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